Inge’s story

I used to loosely frequent the house with a friend, when there was a film club at the house. I started to use the house more frequently, because I enjoyed spending time at the clubhouse, and I also knew some of the members. I had no work at the time, so I wanted to find something,
to make my day more meaningful, and put my resources and skills to use at the clubhouse.

It gives me a lot to be a member at the clubhouse. I feel that my day life has much more content. I enjoy the social aspect of the clubhouse. There are fun and interesting tasks, that also can be challenging, but gives a sense of accomplishment. I frequent the clubhouse almost every day, from morning to afternoon.

I used to be admitted to psychiatric services a lot, before I started using the clubhouse. After I started using the clubhouse, the number of admissions have decreased significantly. The same goes for my use of medication. I feel much better about myself recently,
My my psychiatric therapist, and other health personnel, have noticed, and commented that 
the Clubhouse has had a positive effect on me.


"I feel that I have something worth getting out of bed for in the morning.My life quality has increased, due to a new social network,and the support I get from the employees."

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