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Work & Service

The unit "Work & Service" has the responsibility for different activities at the house and offer many different work tasks. 


Work activities that the unit has responsibility over is:

  • Reception work

  • Give guidance and support when applying for jobs

  • Maintenance of the house inside and outside; garden work, refurbishing and cleaning

  • Plan the menu and shopping for the cooking

  • Dish-washing and cleaning

  • Running the house-cafe

  • Cook

We emphasize that the food should be both healthy and tasty, and the lunch is made from the basics. Here, you have the opportunity to learn new techniques by an inspiring group, which also listens to your tips and experience.


We have a broad spectrum of work tasks at the Office unit. You don´t need prior experience as long as you have the will and desire to learn.


The unit has the responsibility for the following work tasks:

  • Administrative tasks

  • Occasional office work

  • Economy

  • Uppdating the web page and other social media

  • IT

  • Marketing

  • Further development

  • Production and publishing of our clubhouse magazine "Fontenenytt"

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