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How to become a member

To become a member is:

  • voluntary

  • free

  • without time limits

  • does not require a doctors reference 

  • must have or have had a struggle with mental illness 


We have an expectation that there is a wish to engage in the daily work, utilizing the talents and abilities you have. All of the work is based on volunteering and you can define your own rehabilitation process.  It is a requirement that you are unaffected by alcohol or other drugs while being at our clubhouse.


If you wish to get to know us better, you are welcome to contact us. We will then schedule a guided tour. During the tour you will be shown our premises and receive more information about the clubhouse model. After the tour you have the opportunity to become a member for a time, while trying to figure out if this a suitable offer for you. When ready, you have the option of becoming an ordinary member. ​


As a member there is no demand to show up every day. You can decide yourself when you want to use our clubhouse.

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