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About the organization

The Fountain house in Stavanger is a clubhouse driven after the international clubhouse-model. Its a rehabilitation model based on experience. It has been developed by clubhouses around the world over a period of 60 years. The model is constantly under development.

Everything started in New York in 1948. Many patients at psychiatric institutions found themselves in a vacuum when they were discharged. Negative attitude against psychic illness made many of them unable to find both place to live and work. They therefore joined forces and stated the Fountain house. Today more than 320 clubhouses is distributed over 34 countries.

At the clubhouses one have the opportunity to build relations. Members can get support in the process of getting paid work and/or education. Further the clubhouses rests on the talents and abilities among the members to run the houses. The members participate in decision-processes by consensus in all the important matters related to the running of the houses. Fontenehus Norge is our umbrella organization.

We are also a part of the European network of clubhouses, Clubhouse Europe and the worldwide organization Clubhouse International.


Foundation and board
Fontenehuset Stavanger is a foundation with its own board. The task of the board is to contribute to develop the house according to the rules of the foundation.
It is held board meetings at a regular basis. Daily executive is the secretary of the board, and 1-2 members of the fountain house is in the board.

We have 37 guidelines that we base the running of the house by. The guidelines represents the basis values of the clubhouse model, describe the members rights and is the ethical guideline for coworkers of the house, the board and the administration. 

We get funding from the state represented by Helsedirektoratet, Stavanger municipality and other contributors.

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