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What is a Fountainhouse?

A fountain house is a place where people with mental health issues can be given hope and opportunities to reach their full potential. We wish that all humans with mental health issues could have access and support form a fountain house. The goal is to encourage the members and give all the help they need to be successful in their lives, and to become active participants in the society.


This is a house which is run by members and employees as equal colleagues. Both the membership and the participation is voluntary. Employees and members work together to administrate the running of the house, something that give the members a meaningful weekday.

The fountain houses follows international guidelines for the clubhouses. These guidelines is made by The International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD) and consist of in total 37 guidelines. The clubhouse program is a comprehensive and dynamic program aiming to give support and opportunities for humans with mental illness and issues.


The Fountain house is a place where people is contributing as adult humans, more than being alone, isolated from society as patients requiring treatment. The goal in the clubhouse program is to:


"Show that humans with mental health issues can succeed, live productive lives and work in the society, independent of type or degree of disability caused by the mental issues."

It is important to have a focus on resources and capabilities, and not on limits and problems, in an environment of support, accept and participation.


The focus is on relations among humans. Here the members can mingle, and receive and give help for instance to regain ones productivity and self confidence, and to get back into the society. To get advise from other people with similar experiences and situations is important in a fountain house environment.

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