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Transitional Employment (TE)



Transitional Employment is a program inherent to our clubhouse, where members can try their abilities in an ordinary tariff salaried part time job given by an external employer. One gets an employment contract which lasts 6-9 months. This is so that the emplacement can alternate between the members, it is impossible to attain tenure.


The thought behind transitional employment, is to help members achieve work experience, build self-confidence and make new arrangements.


The goal concerning transitional employment is to many the possibility of returning to ordinary work again.


Our clubhouse personnel take responsibility for the training required, until the employer knows his tasks. The clubhouse gives support at all times, and participates at the workplace if the employed is not able to perform the work for a day. Transitional employment is a good transition to beginning to move forwards.


Read the interview with Kristine, who has worked with transitional employment HERE.

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