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Intervju med Kristine

Kristine is in transition work (OA). Students Lisa and Fjoralba have interviewed her about the job she does and what it means to her.


What is OA for you?

"OA is an opportunity to get into ordinary work; from being on disability benefits to becoming a driver. It is a new start."

What are your work tasks?

"I buy food at the local grocery store, such as cold cuts, fish spreads, vegetables, wood bread, juice and milk. Then it's off to IVAR to get ready for lunch. I cut vegetables, lay out cold cuts, cook eggs and set the table. .


Do you thrive?

"Thrive very well! It is a good working environment and experience that people are very nice and polite. Every time they come up for lunch, everyone says" Hello "," Good day "and asks how it is. When they are done. eat, thank everyone for the food. "


Has it helped you to have OA?

"Absolutely! Very positive experiences in terms of job. Because of OA, I got three other jobs. Had not gotten these jobs if it had not been for the fact that I had gotten the OA job."


How long have you had OA?

"4 months."


How do you think the follow-up of Fontenehuset is?

"Fantastic. Very good. They step in for me if I need it if I get sick, for example."


Do you have a final comment?

"OA has strengthened my mental health and made me get back to work." 

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