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Since we are a charity organization with limited funding from the government, we are totally dependent on economic support from private contributors to give the best possible service for our members.

Grasrotandelen gives you as a gambler at Norsk Tipping the possibility to determine who will receive the profit of Norsk Tipping. Every time you gamble 5 percent of your stake is given to a charity receiver of your choice - and you have full stake, premium and chance of winning. We encourage you to support us at Fontenehuset Stavanger

Become a member today! You can become giver of charity in all Norsk Tippings canals or by sending SMS "Grasrotandelen 971338709" to 2020.

As a support member you will contribute to our clubhouse, and you will get the opportunity to follow us through our clubhouse magazine Fontenenytt, which you as a support member will get 4 times a year. The magazine is made by members and employees , and is important in recruiting new members. It also has the purpose of making the fountain house model known.


We hope for your support also this year. Base amount is kr. 250 each year, but you can contribute with more than that. Remember that a total yearly contribution of up to kr. 25.000 to one and the same approved organisation gives tax-drag. All contributions are welcomed by us.

Thank you in advance!

Phone: 51535393

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