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Kristine´s story

A member introduced me to the house in 2009, and I became a member in 2010. Before I became a member I studied in Oslo and became pedagogical leader in a cinder garden in Stavanger. But then I became ill followed by hospitalization and then staying at a aftercare home. At the aftercare home the Fontenehuset was talked about in a positive manner which made me curious.


In the beginning at Fontenehuset we payed music and the house band meant much to me. Then I got a OA-job, which was excellent for me and my progress. Through the OA-job I gained self confidence and could start again in the kinder garden, something that was made possible after the OA-contract ended. Now I have been practicing at the kinder garden for one year.


In addition to the OA-job the social element has been important for me and I have gained a new network of new friends at the house. I have got much help from the employees relating to questions concerning NAV, economical problems and various difficult situations. I feel that it is easy to ask for help, and I get help and support to fix things that come up- as a rule we do this together.


"The Fontenehuset is a meeting place for humans with mental health issues. Through unity at the house I experience a valued weekday, which again makes life easier, especially when I feel more vulnerable than usual."

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