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Helge´s story

Many years as unemployed, as a result of my disability, Cerebral Parese,

and difficulties breaking the famous "Nav-code", to combine performance, work and salary, led to missing structure in my weekdays. People could phone me, and ask me out on town, it could happen on a Wednesday just ass likely as on a Friday. Because my only support was helpetjenesten at home which demanded that I had to wake up and function the day after. The social worker at the hjemmetjenesten recommended me to try Fontenehuset. I had heard about Fontenehuset, and knew people who used it, but I had not visited the place or used it myself. But I accepted the offer, and the social worker arranged a tour and I came with an open mind.

At the house I was met by a member, who showed me the place, and I met to enthusiastic students. They explained me what the Fontenehuset worked with and ts goal, and I thought it could be wort trying. It turned out that my life changed significantly.

I discovered that I enjoyed being at the Fontenehuset, and enjoyed to be given trust and responsibility, as an example for the project "Ung På Huset", where I worked together with other young people to improve recruiting and the offer for young people at the house. Also to personally contribute for a better weekday for others.

All this has resulted in that the Fontenehuset has filled the empty space the unemployment created. I have joined courses and trips to other fountain houses, it has been educational, and I have learned a lot about other people, and about mental health.   


"I discovered early that I liked to be at the Fontenehuset, and liked to be trusted and given responsibility, as an example for the youth project "Ung på huset""

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