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Arlene´s story

Hello hello, my name is Arlene Helland. When I got to know about Fontenehuset, to get a place to go to, then I had to try it, and see what it offered.  It was about a work related day, to be a part of the operation of the house. It sounded exciting, so I decided that I would stay at this place.

Fontenehuset was open 5 days a week. I joined the kitchen unit, to make food and write shopping list for the food of the day. We made food for the members, baked and other things, and then we did the dishes at the end of the day.

In addition to this I worked at the kiosk at the psychiatric hospital in Stavanger through the Fontenehuset for to and a half year. I also was elected for the board- 6 times of two years periods, I had newer done this before, it was new to me and had a lot of challenges. My tasks was to take care of the members and myself and work for our rights. Mostly it ended good or something good came out of it. I have also been to an European conference and has been to many meetings with other fountain houses both in Norway and abroad.

Now I have stayed here for nearly 13 years, and I drop by 4 days a week. It is a pleasure to have this place to go to, with excellent employees and friends there. I am now 64 years old and like it very well here.

"I went with fresh courage and looked forward to the next day, not at least to meet all the good friends there. It was a good cooperation."

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