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Chris´s story

Before I started to use Fontenehuset I was awake during the night, slept or slumbered the next day. Now I go to bed at normal times and get some housework done at home before i leave for the Fontenehuset sometime before noon.

I like being in the kitchen doing many tasks, and also care for the flowers outside and inside. One day I was asked if I could bake something for the house meeting. I became shaky and nervous, but I said yes, and the cake was made. I was impressed by the fact that I said yes. Where did the daring and trying come from? Yes, from the communion among us. This makes us stronger. We are newer alone.

The work and communion makes my thoughts wander. Yes, a bad day can arrive, but by having a good conversation with a coworker can turn this to something positive. No matter if it is too small or too big. We find a jointly solution. Never alone.

If I am admitted at a DPS, I am not hidden or forgotten. Both employees and members follow up on me with visits, calls and day-trips to the house. Never alone.

By being absent over a long period, the DØRSTOKKMILA (doorstep mile) can be difficult. Then I can make a call to Fontenehuset and someone can pick me up at home, more simple than that is not possible. If I am absent for more than a 5 day period without leaving a message, I am automatically contacted by someone at the house. Its very comforting for me that there is someone who miss me and handle my situation. Never alone.

As a last word I would say that it´s good to arrive at home after a workday at the house- Tired in a good way. Not tired and obtuse by the medicines and a long day on the sofa. I have got a new richer everyday life without limitations and filled with joy and challenges.

"The conclusion is: I am captain on my own ship. Without crew I get of the track."

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