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"Together in movment" map

Here in the picture to the right you can see how far we have come on the road around the earth. (The red line). In 48 weeks (04.01.2022)  have we walked 40.789,66 km and have now crossed the finish line. We manage to reach our goal 4 weeks early. We are super excited! The Clubhouses we have "visitet" are:


Fontænehuset Frederikshavn Fontänhuset Göteborg,  Motala Fontänhus, Fontänhuset Nyköping,  Fontänhuset SköndalFountain House Stockholm, Klubbhuset Pelaren, Karvetin Klubitalo, Salon Klubitalo, Helsingin Klubitalo, Haabersti Clubhouse, Russia House, Alrami Clubhouse, SEVAC Clubhouse of India, Phoenix Clubhouse i Kina, Eden Clubhouse i Taiwan, Son-guk Clubouse, Clubhouse Yuusen, Clubhouse Habataki, JHC Sun Marina, Friendship Clubhouse i Hawaii, Diamond Head Clubhouse i Hawaii, California Clubhouse, Alliance House, Harmony Clubhouse, Progress Place, Fountain House and Rainbow Clubhouse in Ireland, Mosaic Clubhouse in England and Clubhouse De Waterheuvel in the Netherland.

Kart uke 1.jpg

On the map you can see the 31 clubhouses we will "visit" on the "trip" around the world.

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